Whether you are the bride to be or another guest at a wedding, you want to look your best. Weddings are important events in everyone’s lives and once you’ve found the perfect dress or outfit, you want the perfect shoes to match.

With so many wedding shoes UK ranges available and from so many styles to choose from, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by the options available. Every woman is different and therefore it’s important to find a pair that matches your style and tastes. With so many choices to make, including heel height, colours and fabrics, many are choosing to turn to the experts to help them find the right wedding shoes for them.

At Love Lane Boutique, we are proud of the unique and personal service we offer to brides to be and anyone looking for the perfect wedding or occasion footwear. We’re a wedding shoes UK based boutique located in Newcastle-under-Lyme and also have a fantastic online store for you to look at. When visiting our boutique, our helpful and friendly staff will provide you with a quality and high end experience that will leave you feeling confident in your choices. Our relaxed atmosphere allows our customers to find their ideal shoes or handbag in a pressure-free setting with honest and knowledgeable advice from their own personal expert.

Putting together that all important wedding outfit can lead to several dilemmas. Thoughts often flying through people’s minds include, “What style suits me best?”, “What footwear should my bridesmaids be wearing?” and “I have the dress, but now I need the perfect pair of shoes to match!”. Whatever your role at the wedding, you need a pair of wedding shoes to complement your outfit.

Of course, the person with the biggest decision is the star of the show, the bride to be. Brides can spend hours looking for the perfect dress, and when they have found it, they want the perfect shoes to match. There are so many aspects to consider and it’s important you get the balance right between all the factors you’ve decided are important to you.

Wedding and occasion shoes are a minefield of styles, colours and tastes so let’s take a look at some of the most important points to think about.

Wedding Shoes Are for Everyone

Wedding shoes aren’t just important for the bride. When attending a wedding, everyone wants to look their best and feel good on the day. This can include several members of the wedding party and anyone who may be attending such a special occasion such as:

  • Bridesmaids
  • Mother of the Bride
  • Mother of the Groom
  • Wedding Guests

When attending a wedding, you need a look that is fully coordinated and therefore once you have found that all important outfit, you can start looking for the perfect shoes and accessories to complement it.

The Importance of Bridal Wedding Shoes

For brides to be, finding the dream dress can take hours of searching, all to find the perfect ‘one’. Once you have found it, you should start looking for the bridal shoes to match. On such an important day, you need to look and feel amazing. It’s therefore essential to find a pair of shoes that ticks all the boxes.

Think about all the elements that are important to you. Do you want a pair in a certain style to showcase your tastes? Do you want a pair that will provide comfort while looking stylish? Whatever you are looking for, make a list of all the elements that also takes into account the dress, venue, and overall style of the day.

Most of all, bridal shoes need to feel right for you. You want your wedding to show off your own tastes and personality to make it as special as possible. Wedding shoes are no exception.

Wedding Shoes UK – What to Consider

When looking for the perfect pair of shoes for a wedding, there are several factors you should always consider.

Complementing Your Dress or Outfit:

There’s nothing worse than seeing a bride or wedding guest wearing the most beautiful outfit, only for a pair of shoes not to complement the look. Wedding shoes and any accessories need to be coordinated with what you are wearing on the day so you have the perfect look and feel amazing. This includes making sure you know the length, style, fabric and colour of your dress when you embark on your wedding shoe quest.

The Right Style:

When first looking at wedding shoes, the sheer range of the various styles available can feel overwhelming. Some of the most important style factors to consider include:

  • Colour
  • Heel height
  • Toe style
  • Fabric

It’s not just wedding guests and bridesmaids who add colour to weddings. It’s becoming more popular for brides themselves to break away from traditional ivory and white wedding dresses and choose a dress of a different colour. Others add a splash of colour by choosing a coloured undercoat, belt or accessories to produce a colourful and coordinated look that reflects their own style and personality. With this, it’s often possible to access shoe dyeing services, depending on the type of shoe, if you have found your dream pair but want to match them to your dress or accessories.


Feeling Amazing:

You need a pair of beautiful shoes that are going to make you feel a million dollars. This involves finding a quality pair of shoes that will not only look good but feel good as well. You should feel confident in wearing them and they should enhance your look. Comfort is also an important element as if you’re in discomfort, you won’t fully enjoy the special day. For brides, this is especially important as there are lots of different elements in which you will be on show including walking down the aisle, photos, meeting and greeting your guests and of course, the first dance. If you are sacrificing comfort for style, it may be worth investing in a pair of wedding flats for later on in the evening.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Shoes

With so many elements to consider when hunting for wedding footwear, let’s take a look at some of our top tips for finding that perfect pair.

  • Never leave wedding shoe shopping until the last minute. The last thing you want to do is rush the process and end up with a pair you are unhappy with. Brides should take their shoes to any dress fittings so that all adjustments are made bearing in mind the height of the shoe and how you feel in both the dress and shoes together.
  • Do not base your outfit around a pair of shoes, base your shoes around your outfit. This is especially important for brides. There’s nothing worse than having your heart set on your dream pair of shoes, only to find they don’t match your dress once you’ve found ‘the one.’ For every dress or outfit, you will be able to find the perfect pair that are not only beautiful but complement your wedding look perfectly.
  • Once you’ve chosen your wedding outfit, always take it with you when wedding shoe shopping, or if you are the bride to be, see if you can take a fabric sample with you. This will help you to match your wedding shoes without relying solely on memory, preventing disappointments further down the line.
  • One of the most relaxed and enjoyable ways to browse a large range of wedding shoes at the same place is to visit a specialist wedding shoe boutique. The boutiques are run by experienced and knowledgeable footwear experts who will guide you through the process and find the perfect pair of shoes to match your dress. You’ll be able to try on a wide range of shoes in various styles, often made by leading designers, in a personal and relaxed setting. You’ll also have the advantage of having your own expert at hand to give you all the honest advice and any help you need. Most wedding shoe boutiques cater for all the bridal party and guests so anyone can access these professional and personal services.
  • Depending on the style and fabric of the shoe, if you’ve found your dream pair of wedding shoes, but you need them colour matched to your dress or accessories, it may be worth exploring the option of professional shoe dyeing services. This will allow you to have your perfect pair of shoes coordinated perfectly with your entire wedding outfit.
  • Designer wedding shoes are the perfect way to treat yourself when going to a wedding. Whether you are the bride or a guest, weddings are a special occasion and you want to feel and look amazing. Designer shoes are often of much better quality and are probably much more reasonably priced than you would imagine.

We Can Help You

When looking for the perfect pair of wedding shoes, every woman deserves to try on as many shoes as they need to and have a wide range to choose from in order to find the right pair for her. Not only this, but the experience should be one she should enjoy. At Love Lane Boutique, we strive to provide brides and other guests with a unique and enjoyable experience. In a relaxed and pressure-free setting, you are free to try on as many of our handpicked collection of wedding shoes as you need to.

Our Collections:

Our shoes cater for every wedding need. Unlike other places, we have around 80 – 100 pairs in stock in full size sets, meaning there’s something for everyone. We have shoes in a range of gorgeous styles including various heel heights, styles and colours, so if you know what you need or want to experiment, there are plenty of shoes to choose from.

Leading Designers:

We only ever stock shoes we love and therefore the designer ranges we feature share our passion and values when it comes to wedding shoes. All of our designer ranges are beautiful and unique, including vintage and ivory designs. We proudly stock renowned collections for:

  • Rachel Simpson
  • Rainbow Club
  • Rainbow Couture
  • Charlotte Mills
  • Harriet Wilde

These designers provide something that suits every style, taste and budget. We have an online store as well as full collections available in our boutique.

Customer Service:

We believe in providing a pressure-free setting for our customers to find their perfect wedding shoes. Our customers love our beautiful boutique environment and will always get friendly and helpful advice. We provide you with a first class, quality experience because we want you to not only go away with wedding shoes you love but have enjoyed the whole experience of shopping with us. Our personal service will leave you feeling confident and in the hands of the experts.

Our Promise:

We promise to always provide you with an honest opinion and knowledgeable service. Our aim is to help you find the right pair of shoes for you. We have years of experience and we will give you all the style direction and colour direction you need to make the right decision.

Shoe Dyeing Service:

One of our customer’s favourite things about us is our professional shoe dyeing service. Most of our satin collection of shoes can be dyed ANY colour to match your entire look. All we need from you is a sample of fabric or item you need the shoes matched to. This service is also available for many of our handbags as well so you can create a perfectly coordinated look. This process takes about 3-4 weeks, but there’s an express service if you need them done quicker.

Our aim is to make your dream wedding shoes a reality. We know that every woman has a different style and unique tastes and we want to meet your needs in any way we can. Our beautiful collection of shoes and handbags include stunning ranges for brides, bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom and any other wedding guests.

Next Steps

A wedding is one of the most special events you can attend, whether as a guest, a member of the wedding party or indeed, your own wedding. Once a bride has found her dream dress, the next step is often to find that perfect pair of shoes that complement her entire look. It’s not just the bride who wants to wear the best footwear for their outfit, with everyone wanting to look their best at such a special occasion. Wedding shoes UK ranges are available for anyone to buy and are the perfect way to coordinate your entire outfit.

At Love Lane Boutique, we are a wedding shoes UK based specialist, stocking a wide range of wedding footwear. We have stunning ranges from leading designers, such as Rachel Simpson, Rainbow Club, Rainbow Couture, Charlotte Mills and Harriet Wilde. You can try on these handpicked collections and see our full ranges in our beautiful boutique or have a look at our online store.

Based in Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire, we’re in a central location for many surrounding areas including Stoke-on-Trent, Manchester and Cheshire, to name a few. Book an appointment or contact us via one of the following simple methods:

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It’s time to find your dream pair of wedding shoes.