Every bride and wedding guest wants to look perfect on the big day. From their hair to their dress, right down to the perfect pair of shoes, everyone wants to look and feel their best. Designer wedding shoes bring the ideal choice to people looking for comfort, style, quality and something a little unique to their wedding shoes. Rainbow wedding shoes are a popular choice for these reasons alone.

Rainbow Club is an affordable designer wedding shoe brand that has something for everyone. From traditional and vintage styles to contemporary and colourful offerings, Rainbow Club brings something to the table for every taste. The renowned Rainbow Luxury collection provides a fashionable element to weddings and these are a must-have for any fan of the catwalk.

Love Lane Boutique has a range of designer wedding and occasion shoes including a wide range of Rainbow wedding shoes. We also offer Rainbow Club accessories such as their stunning collection of veils (online only), shoe clips and handbags. These will bring together your look and ensure each element complements each other. For a personal and quality service, come and see our friendly team in our beautiful boutique in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire. Alternatively, have a browse of our online store to see how beautiful our designer ranges are.

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When you begin your search for your dream pair of wedding shoes, it can be overwhelming with all the choices you face. Designer shoe collections can give brides and other wedding attendees the ideal stylish choice to bring something a little extra special to the day. Let’s explore why you should go designer for the wedding day and why Rainbow Club shoes could be the perfect choice for you.

The Right Pair for You

It’s not just the bride who loves wedding shoes. Wedding guests can also find their perfect pair for the big day in special wedding shoe collections. Whether you’re a bridesmaid, Mother of the Groom, Mother of the Bride, or another wedding guest, you want to look your best and feel amazing on attending such a special event. However, it’s important to find the right pair for you and when you first start your search, there can seem far too many to choose from. We’ve broken down some of the main considerations you need to think about and some top tips for starting your search for the perfect pair.

A Bride’s Choice:

While wedding shoes are for everyone, the bride has the biggest and hardest choice to make. You only get your big day once and you want to make sure your footwear matches the rest of your look. Think about what’s important to you and why you bought your dress. What style were you going for? Why did you feel it matched your personality? You can then incorporate these feelings into your wedding shoes search.

Top Considerations:

  • The outfit – Whether you’re the starring lady or a wedding guest in the crowd, you want to look good. Every element of your outfit needs to be coordinated and you can’t let your footwear let you down. Think about the length, fabric and colour of your outfit and take it along if possible.
  • How you feel – You may want to look good, but you also need to feel Keep this in mind when you are trying on the different pairs of wedding shoes. You may have found the pair that looks the best, but if you don’t feel good in the. Put them back in the box. There’s a pair out there that’ll make you feel amazing.
  • The right style – There are so many elements to think about when choosing the right style of shoe. Colour, heel height, toe style and fabric are all things you need to think about. There are so many wedding shoe collections that if you can put together a few elements you want from the shoe, this will help you start narrowing your search.
  • Time on your feet – Weddings make for a long day. Whether you’re the bride, a member of the wedding party, or another wedding guest, you’ll have long periods on your feet. The worst thing that could happen is for discomfort to put a dampener on the day. Therefore, think about what style of shoes usually bring you extreme discomfort and try to avoid these if possible. Good quality, well-made shoes often support feet better and may have extra padding. For those that hate heels, there are plenty of beautiful and chic flat pumps for weddings that you’ll find in wedding shoe collections. There’s always wedding shoes to match every taste, personality and style.

Tips for Wedding Shoe Shopping:

  • Start your shoes search as soon as you can while everything is fresh in your mind. The last thing you want is a last minute rush to find the right pair and picking some that aren’t perfect for you. Start early and you can shop pressure-free and actually enjoy it!
  • Stress-free wedding shoe shopping is something every bride and guest strives for. A perfect way to achieve this is to visit our wedding shoe boutique. Our specialist and personal service gives you all the style and colour direction you’ll need to find the right pair. We also have extensive collections, often designer, and will more than likely have your size in stock to try on.
  • If you’re adding a splash of colour to your wedding, finding the exact colour of shoes can be stressful. The best option is to use expert shoe dyeing services that can match your shoes to your outfit exactly.

There are so many things to consider when wedding shoe shopping that it’s important you go into it thinking about what you might like. One option that’s growing in popularity is to explore the designer wedding shoe route and we’re going to tell you why.

Why Go Designer?

Designer shoes can often be associated with a higher price tag, but there are so many reasons why brides and others should look no further than designer wedding shoes when looking for that little something extra on the big day.

Stylish Designs:

Designer shoes have some of the most beautiful and unique designs you can get for wedding shoes. Specialist wedding shoe designers all have one thing in common – their passion and love of stunning wedding footwear that offers something unique to the special day. Designer collections usually include a range of stunning accessories including handbags and shoe clips which add a little something extra to your overall look. The exquisite details and unmistakable designs will have you at the envy of all the other wedding guests.


Designer shoe collections are often handmade by the experts. This results in well-made shoes that have a traditional and quality feel to them. Using only the finest materials and fabrics, the high quality designs provide every woman who wears them with support, comfort and confidence.


Expertly crafted, designer shoes are always made with comfort in mind. The quality makes and finest materials used provide feet with comfort so that you can enjoy the big day from beginning to end. Why let discomfort spoil the fun?


While associated with a higher price tag, many designer collections are often much more affordable than people realise. While they make look bespoke, they don’t come with the same price tag, as designers want every bride to be able to indulge in their luxury footwear.

Designer shoes are worth it in every sense for that truly unique and beautiful look on your wedding day. There are so many designers to choose from and Rainbow Club and Rainbow Luxury are some of the most popular ranges.

Rainbow Wedding Shoes

Established since 1986, Rainbow Club wedding and occasion shoes are a signature designer collection that will have something for everyone Their beautiful satin collections provide a wide range of styles and colours that will cater for any taste. Brides and other wedding guests choose Rainbow Club shoes because of the unique twist they put on the traditional wedding shoe at some of the most affordable designer prices around.

Rainbow Club also produce beautifully designed and exquisite accessories such as shoe clips and handbags. This ensures each element of your look completely complements each other so that you feel as amazing as you deserve to feel.

Rainbow Luxury:

Rainbow Luxury is a wedding shoe collection inspired by the mystery and enchantment of the catwalk. This range is for anyone into their fashion, combining exclusive prints with contemporary designs and crystals to create exquisite footwear with stunning detailing.

Why Choose Rainbow Wedding Shoes?

  • Comprehensive range of designer wedding shoes that cater for every style and taste including vintage and traditional designs, ivory collections, coloured collections, contemporary styles, high heels and demure pumps
  • Wide range of bridal shoes and for members of the wedding party such as bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom and other wedding guests
  • High quality materials and fabrics used
  • Affordable price ranges, exceptional for designer collections
  • Made with comfort in mind including some collections having padded linings for extreme comfort
  • Wide range of sizes and widths available
  • Many collections can be dyed in order to create the perfect colour scheme
  • Also provide beautiful accessories to complete your perfect look

For high quality designer shoes with an affordable price tag, look no further than Rainbow Club and Rainbow Luxury.

Finding the Perfect Pair

Wedding shoe shopping can sometimes feel stressful when you aren’t sure what’s right for you. At Love Lane Boutique, we pride ourselves on giving you a pressure-free, relaxed environment to try on a range of styles we think you’d like. We have 80-100 pairs of shoes in stock, in most sizes and our stunning collections wow our customers daily.

We have a range of beautiful designer collections and there’s something for everyone. We always try to understand your style, tastes and buying trends to establish what elements you may like and which pairs we think you’ll love.

Rainbow Wedding Shoes:

Rainbow Club has been wowing brides and wedding guests for decades. We are proud to stock some for their designer collections, including Rainbow Luxury. Rainbow Club is an extremely affordable designer brand that provides beautiful shoes for every taste. Each pair is unique and brings something special to the table. We also stock some of their stunning wedding accessories including shoe clips and handbags, giving you the ultimate look on such a special occasion.

Our Service:

Customer Service is at the heart of Love Lane Boutique. We believe all our customers should receive a quality high-end experience that’ll see them trying on some of the most beautiful designs to make them feel amazing. Our friendly sales assistants have all the knowledge you need to get the most honest advice, style direction and colour direction. You’ll find the experience relaxing, fun and rewarding.

Our Shoe Dyeing Service:

One of our popular services is our shoe dyeing service. Our expert technicians can create any colour so that you look is fully coordinated. Many of our satin shoes can be dyed, saving you hours trying to find the exact colour shoes. All we need is a sample of the colour fabric and we can match it exactly. This is also a service you can access after the big day. Many of our brides come back to us to dye their shoes, giving them more opportunities to wear such gorgeous shoes again.

At Love Lane Boutique, we love wedding shoes and only stock designers who share our passion as well. We stock several designers including Rainbow Club and you can have a look at some of these in our online store. For the ultimate experience, come and see us in our beautiful boutique store in Newcastle-under-Lyme. We can’t wait to hear from you.


It can be overwhelming when you start searching for that perfect pair of wedding shoes. However, designer shoes bring the ideal balance between quality, beautiful style and comfort. Rainbow Club is an affordable designer brand that has something for every taste, style and personality.

At Love Lane Boutique, we stock a wide range of Rainbow Club wedding shoes and accessories including handbags and shoes, creating the perfect look that provides a unique style to the big day. Our friendly sales assistants will see you in our stunning boutique and will help and advise you wherever we can. We are passionate about what we do and aim to give brides and all our customers a relaxed but rewarding high-end experience they’ll never forget.

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