When you’re attending a special occasion, it’s not unusual to splash out on a new outfit or to want something new to mark the special event. Occasion shoes are the perfect accessory to complement your new outfit or inject some life into a current one. Whether it be a wedding, a party, or another special event, you want to look your best.

Buying a pair of occasion shoes is the perfect way to add something unique and special to your outfit. You want a pair that complements the entire look, including any accessories you’re wearing such as handbags and jewellery. Designer occasion shoes could be the solution you’re looking for. They’re the perfect blend of style, comfort and quality and there’ll be some to suit every taste and budget.

Love Lane Boutique offers customers an extensive collection of wedding and occasion shoes. You’ll receive a fantastic service that’s both rewarding and enjoyable and our friendly sales assistants are on hand to help you with anything you need. We have a beautiful range of designer collections from renowned designers such as Rachel Simpson, Rainbow Club, Charlotte Mills and Harriet Wilde. We also offer customers an expert shoe and handbag dyeing service for products bought at our boutique, which could save you hours looking for the right shade. There’s never any pressure to buy and we hope that you’ll love our shoes as much as we do.

You can come and see us in store, ask any questions via one of the contact methods below or explore our online store to see some of our designer ranges. We’re based in the market town of Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire, which is easily accessible from the M6.

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There are many events you might attend which require a special occasion shoe. Weddings are a popular time to look for a new pair, but there are other times you’ll want to inject something extra special into your footwear. It can be difficult finding the right pair straight away. There should be some important considerations you need to think about when starting your search.

What Are Occasion Shoes?

Occasion shoes are a pair of shoes you’d buy for a special day or evening. This could be for an event or occasion such as a:

  • Wedding
  • Birthday party
  • Work function
  • Christmas party
  • Charity event
  • Day at the races

They’re for any occasion where you need that bit of something extra special to your footwear to match the style and glamour of the event. They are also the perfect way to find the right footwear for the outfit you have. Many people buy a new outfit when they have a special event to attend so you’ll need the perfect pair of occasion shoes to match.

Importance of the Right Occasion Shoes

When looking for the right pair of shoes to attend a special occasion, you need to think about the elements that really matter. Have these in mind when you start your search to make it as stress-free and focussed as possible.

Your Outfit:

Once you’ve found your perfect outfit, whether it be one that’s already in your wardrobe or a new one to treat yourself, you need to buy the pair of shoes with it in mind. Every element of your outfit should complement each other so also consider what accessories you’ll be wearing or may need to buy. When it comes to your outfit, remember to consider its length, fabric, style and of course, its colour. Keep these elements in mind when looking for the perfect pair of occasion shoes.


Remember, there are lots of different types of occasion shoes and this includes the various styles you can get. Think about what styles you love, which ones suit you best and which ones you haven’t ever tried. Elements to think about should be the heel height, toe style, colour and fabric. Also bear in mind that there are some perfect flat occasion shoes out there if that’s the style you prefer, as not everyone like a heel. Also bear in mind that there are lots of coloured shoes available, but that you can also access shoe dyeing service to create a fully coordinated outfit and a really unique shoe.


While it can be tempting, try not to sacrifice comfort for style. Special events usually involve time on your feet, especially if there’s a dance floor involved. You don’t just want to look good – you need to feel good as well. Discomfort can be a factor in why some people don’t enjoy an event as much as they could have done with a more supportive pair of shoes. Try to think about what shoes bring you extreme discomfort and it’s also wise to invest in a pair of quality made shoes which will be better built to support the feet.

The Event:

Also consider what event you’re actually going to. Will there be any outside elements? What’s the venue like? Try to keep this in mind when selecting your outfit and footwear so that your look is in keeping with the rest of the event.

TOP TIPS for Occasion Shoe Shopping:

  • Try not to leave occasion shoe shopping until the last minute. When you know you have an event coming up, leave as much time as possible to look for the right pair so you don’t fall short of time. This can lead to you buying a pair that isn’t quite right for you.
  • If it’s possible, take your outfit along with you while you shop. You’ll then be able to check it matches your new shoes before you buy them.
  • To avoid discomfort on the day, try to break your new shoes in as much as possible before the event. You’ll be a lot more confident on the day and your feet will thank you for it.
  • For the perfect occasion shoe shopping experience, visit us at Love Lane Boutique.  We specialise in occasion footwear for weddings and events and you’ll receive our expert advice and help in finding your perfect occasion shoes.

Take these considerations and make a list of all the elements important to you before you start your search. You’ll then have a much better idea as to what you’re looking for and can focus your attention on finding the perfect pair.

Designer Occasion Shoes

When searching for that perfect pair of occasion shoes, consider designer shoes as the ideal option that ticks all the boxes. Popular designer ranges include:

  • Rainbow Club
  • Charlotte Mills
  • Rachel Simpson
  • Harriet Wilde

There are so many benefits of buying designer shoes for a special event and here are just some of them.


Every designer is different and each injects something unique into their collections of wedding and occasion shoes. They have an unmistakable style that often combines traditional beauty with contemporary trends. Many take inspiration from vintage fashion which creates designs that have timeless beauty. They’re perfect if you want to look unique and add something extra special to your look.

Comfort and Quality:

Designer shoes are always well-made. Using traditional handmade techniques, they’re created using high quality materials and fabrics such as leathers, silks and satin. This adds extra support to your feet, which is much needed during events where you’ll be on your feet and also ensures they feel amazing against your skin. Designer shoes are the quality footwear your feet dream of wearing.


Designer brands can often be associated with a higher price tag. While this can be true, they are a long term investment. They are all high quality shoes that’ll last forever, feel amazing and are so beautiful, they’ll be your favourite pair for years to come. There are designer ranges to fit every budget however, with plenty of affordable options that won’t break the bank.

Designer wedding and occasion shoes are the perfect blend of style, quality and comfort. Always consider them as an option for that perfect treat for such a special occasion. You won’t regret it.

Finding Occasion Shoes for You

When looking for that perfect pair of occasion shoes, you need to find a pair that ticks all the boxes. This includes style, comfort and quality. You also need a knowledgeable eye to give you some guidance and to have a large range of shoes to peruse in a relaxed environment.

At Love Lane Boutique, we offer just that. All of our customers will receive a quality and high-end experience that they’ll enjoy from start to finish. We pride ourselves on the great customer service we offer and our friendly sales assistants aim to help you find the perfect pair of shoes to the occasion you’re attending. In our stunning boutique, we create a relaxed environment for you to try on our wedding and occasion shoes, with absolutely no pressure from us to buy. We want you to enjoy the experience and find the pair that’s right for you. If you’re not sure and want to come back another time to try some on again, this is no problem at all.

Wedding and Occasion Shoe Collections:

We have 80-100 pairs of wedding and occasion shoes for you to see and try on. Our handpicked collections always convey the same values and love we have for quality wedding and occasion footwear. We have popular designer collections including from Rachel Simpson, Rainbow Club (including Rainbow Luxury), Charlotte Mills, and Harriet Wilde. These gorgeous collections all add something different to the market and there’s something for every budget, taste and style. We also offer accessories created by the same designer brands such as shoe clips and handbags for the fully coordinated look.

Handbag and Shoe Dyeing Service:

One of our most popular services is our specialist handbag and shoe dyeing service. This is only for shoes and handbags bought in our boutique, but we will match it to any colour. We’ll just need a fabric swatch of the shade you require and we can match it exactly. This is perfect if you’ve found a pair of ivory shoes for example, in the exact style you love, but you need them to be a different colour. Please ask to see our range of shoes and handbags that can be dyed, but most of our satin collections can be. This is the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your outfit, while not spending hours trying to find the right shade. The designers we stock are also incredibly versatile so there will be plenty of already coloured shoes for you to have a look at. It takes 3 to 4 weeks for the process to be completed but we have an express service available if you need them dyed quicker than this.

At Love Lane Boutique we strive to give you a great service. Our stunning collections of wedding and occasion shoes more than satisfy our customers. We offer a service with the personal touch, in which we take the time to find out about your tastes and buying habit so we can narrow down the search for you to hopefully find the perfect pair of occasion shoes. More than anything, we hope you enjoy the experience and find it fun as well as rewarding.

We have an amazing range of designer occasion shoes and accessories online for you to look at but for the ultimate experience, come and see us in store. Our gorgeous boutique is located in Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire and we can be accessed easily via the M6 and surrounding areas such as Cheshire, Shropshire and Derbyshire. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales assistants are waiting to book you in, so get in touch today!


Occasion shoes may be needed for a variety of different events. This can include weddings, parties and functions. You need a pair that complements your outfit perfectly, including all your accessories. Finding a pair that’s comfortable, stylish and matches your outfit can be harder than it sounds. Try looking for a designer pair to not only treat your feet but provide you with stylish and quality footwear that’ll last.

Love Lane Boutique provides customers with a large range of wedding and occasion footwear and accessories so that there’s something for every taste and style. We stock beautiful pairs of designer shoes and we hope that you’ll fall in love with them as much as we have. Our beautiful boutique hosts the perfect setting to try on as many pairs as you need to and our friendly sales assistants will be on hand to help you in whatever way we can. We look forward to hearing from you so we can start the process.

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